T Shirts Glittering Printing

All that glitters is not gold. It’s actually relative to what you’re envisioning for custom glitter t-shirts. We offer several options for glitter t-shirt printing, which include heat transfers and specialty inks.

Glitter Flake Close-up

A popular option is Glitter Flake heat transfer decals that are available in 38 colours. This permanent application of textured glitter is very popular for fashion-forward sorority wear, spirit wear, and flashy sportswear. It can be applied to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. Our high quality heat transfers don’t result in flaking glitter and are extremely durable

Glitter Flake Sample

Another option is our hologram heat transfer application. This holographic material is perfect if you’re looking for a prism effect for your personalized t-shirts. The rainbow finish catches light and creates a brilliant effect making a bold statement with your branding or team name. Your design would have a smooth feel to it similar to a sticker, but would not peel off when worn or washed.

Hologram Printing Example

For screen printing, crystallina is a specialty ink we can apply on top of a solid ink colour for a glittery effect. It is a translucent colour with specks of glitter included in the clear ink. When printed on top of a solid colour (such as pink) we are able to achieve a glitter outcome. Cystallina ink is a fun enhancement that can be used on top of any solid colour used for screen printing. We do not recommend printing crystallina by itself. It is intended for printing on top of another colour.

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