Rubber T Shirts Printing Dubai

Rubber T Shirts Printing

Real Imprint presents newest Rubber Colour Heat Transfer Media. It is a kind of iron-on Heat Transfer Imprint, hot-melt urethane in rubber sheet stick to object, which applies to all fabrics, either natural or chemical fabrics, light or dark background of target fabrics. Such as 100% cotton or cotton blend, silk, linens, nylon, brocade, rough yam, tweed, twill etc.

Final products with superb images are easily and quickly printed and cut with features of gentle handles, up to 1440dpi resolution, highly water, Wash scratch and fade resistant and environment friendly. Rubber printing is one of the important printing processes .After apparel manufacturing, printing is done on the surface of the fabric. Here, I would give the process sequence of rubber printing with recipe.


Rubber 60 percent

Clear 38 percent

Fix 2 percent

In a printing unit rubber printing is done in the following sequence:

Table preparation, fabric plaited on the table, rubber printing paste applied with the help of screen, hanging the fabric for 30 minutes , curing at 150 degrees Celsius belt speed 5 metres per minute and finally delivery and that’s all about rubber printing. Rubber based printing is old but currently raised rubber prints are in craze. Where you can actually feel the print.

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