Plastic ID Card Printing Dubai

Plastic id Card Printing

Plastic ID card printing has experienced a renaissance of sorts lately; the demand for plastic ID badges has increased. Like in many other business and social areas of activity, analogue to digital transition from a paper-based to paperless systems has happened in ID card printing as well.

The digital revolution has caused an increase in plastic ID card printing and reduction of paper ID cards. Plastic ID card can not only print human readable information and photos or images, but can also carry countless other types of invisible, machine readable information.

We will site some of the invisible security elements of plastic ID cards. They can carry multitude of information and can be extremely difficult to counterfeit. We will review here the most prevalent ones. They are: Magnetic stripes; the card holder information is encoded on the magnetic strip making it readable by the magnetic stripe readers, Smart cards; These are silicon based chips implanted into the plastic card with metal pins on the surface, Contactless smart cards; Similar to smart cards but include an antenna which adds the capability of transferring the information wirelessly over a short distance, RFID chips; Radio Frequency Identification Chips are similar to contactless smart cards except that in general they have no internal source of energy cannot process information and can only respond to the incoming signals by providing the information encoded in them, Member ID encoding in the photo ID card digits.

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